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Welcome to the Colgate Actuarial Society

Colgate Actuarial Society (CAS) is a student-run organization designed to inform students about the actuarial profession, engage them in information sessions with current actuaries, build on soft skills through group activities and case studies, and offer test preparation for Exams P and FM. 

Here you can learn about upcoming events, club officers, and the basics of being an actuary.



Interesting Article from Data Analyst David Gelman

David Gelman.jpegAfter contacting various data scientists I stumbled onto David Gelman. He graduated from Colgate in 2007 and has pursued a career in data scientist in a not so straightforward way. In his article Pivoting from Political Science to Data Scientist he shares his story. Stay tuned as we may hear more from David Gelman in the future *wink wink*.